Tractor Cab Windshield Wipers and Accessories

Tractor Cab Windshield Wipers and Accessories Come rain or snow, chances are you will be using your tractor during inclement weather to help you get your work done. Unfortunately for those who have to work outside, you can’t change the weather and sometimes the job won’t wait for the sky to clear. When operating your tractor in light to heavy rain, a good set of tractor cab windshield wipers at the front are necessary to ensure tractor safety for you or your employees. For tractor enclosures with a clear rear window, wipers in the back are most useful for clearing the snow that gets blown onto the cab, which is also an excellent use for our single-blade manual windshield wiper. Our manual wiper kit is easy to install and does a good job of reducing the build-up of snow, ice, rain, dust or debris. You get a custom 14-inch wiper blade to add to a polycarbonate or Lexan front or rear windshield that provides a 110-degree sweep. In addition, a Cover My Tractor electric windshield wiper with wiring harness provides you with a complete wiper assembly and comes with support straps to add a windshield wiper to farm tractors, ATVs, utility vehicles, riding mowers and other applications. Each kit comes with wiring harness, switch and mounting hardware. Electric tractor cab windshield wipers allow you to quickly remove the build-up of snow, ice and rain for increased visibility. Wires attach directly to the battery and uses an on/off switch that pulls very low amperage to prevent battery drain. Moreover, there is no concern as to where you can get a replacement blade, our tractor cab windshield wipers use our standard off-the-shelf 14-inch replacement wiper blade. Statistics say there are close to 800 fatal farm accidents every year and more than 9,000 injuries with overturns accounting for nearly 50% of the tractor fatalities. So, it is important to see clearly both in front and to the rear of your vehicle. Also, with a downturn in the weather, cut your speed and stay alert for holes or ditches hidden under water.