Tractor Sunscreen - Blocks UV Rays

Tractor Sunscreen - Blocks UV Rays Check out the entire line of protective sun products from Cover My Tractor designed to protect anyone who is exposed to high temperatures and sun for long periods. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, exposure to the sun is the primary cause of sunburn related pre-skin cancer (actinic keratosis) in more than 58 million Americans and daily exposure to the sun’s energy increases the risk of sunstroke and heat exhaustion. The sun’s harmful rays release tons of heat every second of every day and it is important to mindful of the hazards of working outdoors. A protective tractor sunscreen is crucial if you work through the hottest parts of the day. That’s why we’ve designed our tractor sunscreen to mount where you need it. Each Cover My Tractor sunscreen is made from a screen material that blocks out 80% of the damaging UV rays while still allowing unobstructed visibility. Your health is critical and stopping the sun from beating down on your head, neck and shoulders is not only smart but also offered at a very reasonable price. Use it with a tractor canopy or sunshade to get optimum protection. The tractor sunscreen is mounted in place by elastic cords that go around an existing Roll Over Protection System (ROPS). Working in a hot environment is more than uncomfortable, it is potentially hazardous to the worker’s health and wellness putting them at risk for a number of heat-induced medical conditions. Without our protective tractor sunscreen, the potential for health-related dangers won’t increase as the weather gets warmer and a beautiful summer day will not become your worst enemy. Versatile tractor sunscreen installations allow you to create the best protection based on your specific needs.