Sun Products – Protection for Working Outside

Working in a sunlit environment every day creates many unique hazards. Whether you make your living working outdoors or simply spend the weekend caring for your yards, Cover My Tractor offers a stellar line of protective sun products for working outside. It doesn’t matter where you live, the summer months can be dangerous and sometimes unbearable. Indoor workers exposed to harmful sources of radiation take precautions to protect their good health from harmful sources of energy. When you work outside, protective sun products can protect you as well as your employees or loved ones from various dangers that can lead to sun-related disease or illness. As an employer or self-employed worker, it is important to consider the statistics provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who estimate the lost productivity due to sun exposure to exceed $100 million per year. Not only does the sun constantly release harmful rays that can cause skin cancer, the massive energy release can cause heat-induced disorders. While the sun is a great source of Vitamin D, excessive sun exposure can cause permanent and irreversible harm. The sun emits multiple types of ultraviolet radiation and both UVA and UVB radiation reach the earth’s surface. Overexposure allows rays to penetrate deep into the skin causing premature aging of cells. Unfortunately, research studies suggest that many outdoor workers practice better sun protection and use more sun products at work than at on the weekends. So, don’t forget that your tractor at home also need quality sun products that provide excellent protection for working outside. On the other hand, study findings suggest workers are less likely to seek shade during the workday, which means sun protection products from Cover My Tractor are an important add-on for providing the sun safety for you and your crew.