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Tractor Cover Quality Materials:

Armor-Dillo - Fabric Used on Tractor Covers:

Armor-Dillo is so named since it acts as the protective shell around your tractor and fends off all predators that are trying to damage its paint surfaces and coatings. The protective chemicals are uniquely resistant to today’s harsh environment. Industrial fallout from power plants, steel production, chemical manufacturing, paper products, plants, jet exhaust and acid rain are realities anywhere we live. Our coating protects from these elements against leaching into the fabric and prematurely damaging the textile. The 600 x 600 denier solution dyed polyester is the strongest thread weave with acrylic pigments used for dying to increase fade resistance. The back of the fabric is also coated with a PVC layer to allow for a slick surface which is anti-microbial and anti-static to help repel dirt particles and eliminate the chance for bacteria growth which would result in mold or mildew issues.The chemicals added to the yarn stage before weaving protects from water, sun and other damaging environments to insure the maximum protection is obtained. Be leery of competitors who use topically dyed products as they will fade sooner, deteriorate quicker and have a high probability of color transference to your metal and painted surfaces. The topically dyed yarns are first woven and then dyed so only a small amount of colorant and protective coating is impregnated into the yarn. The tractor cover produced with Armor-Dillo will last for years and will provide your investment to be protected from the harsh outdoor elements.
Armor-Dillo - Maintenance and Cleaning:

We recommend mild dish soaps to clean either the Armor-Dillo or the Tungsten fabrics of your tractor covers, tractor cabs and cab enclosure. First rinse down with water to remove majority of dirt. Then with a soft cotton cloth and a mild dish soap solution, wash thoroughly using minimal pressure. A soft bristle brush may be used only to clean area where deeper dirt has penetrated. Use this method sparingly since the coating is diminished each time a brush is used and this will affect the longevity of the fabric. Avoid sealants as these block the pores of the fabric and cause detrimental effects over long periods of time. Do not use Simple Green or Pine cleaners ever on either fabric. Citrus Cleaner can be used on Tungsten for sap or other sticky outdoor elements that may at times drop onto your tractor cover or tractor enclosure. Make sure the tractor cover or cab enclosure is thoroughly dry before storage into the FREE tractor storage bag as packing either product wet will promote the possibility of bacteria growth.

Armor-Dillo Notes:

All new fabric products may at times crease during shipping. These creases will dissipate once the tractor cover is exposed to sun and work themselves out. We recommend that all new tractor covers be left in place for an extended period of time to allow for the sun to work out any creases caused during the packing of the product during shipping. Please utilize the tractor cover storage bag that the unit came in as it is the best way to store the product when not in use.

Download Armordillo Material Specifications (.pdf)

Tractor Cover and Tractor Enclosure Zippers - Our #10 YKK zippers are the best available in the industry and consistently perform the best intractor covers, tractor cabs and cab enclosure applications where parts have to be put together. The unique design allows for covering your tractor with our without the front loader bucket. There are zippers at each ROPS bar for easy on and off attachment.

tractor cover zipper
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Tractor Cover Thread - 138 bonded and colored thread is used to give the maximum tear strength for all your sew joints on the tractor cover, cab enclosures and tractor cabs.

tractor cover sew seam
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Tractor Cover Elastic – Elastic straps with integral hooks are placed strategically throughout each tractor cover design for optimum retention. We use high grade elastic products which are designed specifically for outdoor use. The straps typically attach to the inside of the fender wells around the hood and at the rear around the seat area. Additional elastic may be located in the tractor cover hem at the bottom and attached and the hooks connected together to seal the bottom edge around the perimeter of the tractor.

Tractor Cover Rope - Rope is used around the perimeter of some tractor covers and we supply a cinching mechanism for those that desire a tight fit. We use high grade braided rope products which are designed specifically for outdoor use.

Tractor Cover Bend Over Tabs – The metal bend over tabs are located in accordance with each tractor covers specific needs. They are located to easily mount the bottom of the tractor cover around the perimeter of the cab body to allow for fastening which requires no holes to be drilled into the tractor.

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Tractor Cover Grommets – A brass grommet is used in conjunction with the elastic straps and hooks. Simply thread the elastic end without the hook through the grommet and tie it into a tight knot. The other side is either to connect the hook into another grommet or for another strap that can be wrapped around somewhere on the body of the tractor.

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Tractor Cover Strapping – 1” polypropylene webbing is used wherever necessary as a tie down mechanism. Typically, one strap under the belly of the tractor is used. It is accompanied by a plastic buckle make from plastic specifically designed to work in outside environments. Tractor covers which come with webbing in the hem will include a metal ratcheting mechanism that will tighten the bottom hem of the tractor cover tight against the body or tires of the tractor.

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