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This area compares a competitor's tractor cab to the cab enclosure made by Cover My Tractor. See the side by side comparison below:

Specifications: CMT OTC CMT Advantages
Length 59.0" 40.5" Double interior occupant space
Width 47.0" 35.5" Double shoulder room clearance to doors.
Height 64.9" 58.0" Triple head room clearance to canopy.
Installation and Removal:
Installation Time 2.0 hrs. 4.5 hrs. Half the time to install, one person can do this.
Removal Time 30 min. 1.15 hrs. Half the time to remove and packages neatly away.
Instructions Clear Some steps confusing Illustrated and clear instructions no confusion.
Storage Bag Yes No Stored windows are separated in bag and protected.
Sound Deadening Yes No Canopy is rubber isolated away from brackets.

Installation Comments

CMT: No holes required and grab handles remain usable. Bend over tabs and elastic cord with hooks create tight fit allowing very little air intrusion. Powder coated thick steel brackets and substantial hardware for mounting.

OTC: Requires moving of floor mats and makes grab handles unusable. Air gaps are seen around latch and rear fenders where holes are evident and no fastening is designed in. Standard painted metal rod with sharp edges using minimal size fasteners for assembly and mounting.

Material and Workmanship:
Windows .030 or .062 polycarb/ Makrolon .010 polycarb non-coated Thicker, vented & coated: UV, cold crack anti-scratch.
Vinyl 18 oz both sides coated GVC 10 oz laminated vinyl More durable,no delamination, inside coated also.
Stitching Single stitch Double needle stitch 138 polyester/Tenara thread, stronger seam.
Canopy Thick High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) black with Fiberglass option colored to match tractor. Thin ABS top colored to match tractor Twice as durable and not impacted like ABS with ultrviolet rays, ABS becomes brittle with age.

Assembly Comments:

CMT: Windows are double faced vinyl preventing wind leakage and water intrusion. Canopy mounts to sides of Roll Bar with u-bolts and sits about 3” above Roll Bar providing more head room clearance and increasing interior space by over double. Vinyl can be cut to add accessories without tearing. Black HDPE canopy or fiberglass color matched to the tractor. CMT also supports OEM canopies with throw over cabs

OTC: Windows are sewn directly to vinyl allowing wind and water intrusion. Canopy mounts inside the Roll Bar allowing for the roll bar to fold and lowering head room clearance. Cannot add accessories by cutting vinyl. Canopy matches color of tractor. Only fits OTC canopy.

Options and Features:
Swinging Door Yes Standard 5/16" steel rod 7/8 Aluminum & 1" Stainless Steel structure
Door Latch Handle door latch Squeeze door latch More robust design, easy to use.
Front Window Large polycarb .060 window Small glass window in metal frame Optional on front and rear windows.
Wipers Front and rear manual or electric wiper Front only electric wiper only Wipers on front and rear manual and electric.

CMT: Optically clear maximized window sizes for optimum driveability and performance. U-zips offer ventilation capabilities when needed. Common door latch design with no air or water intrusion gaps.

Disclaimer: The analysis was done on a Kubota B2320 tractor and is accurate at the time of printing 9/1/2017. Other cab designs for other models will vary slightly.

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