Happy 2019 from all of us at CMT!
Order a tractor cab and HDPE canopy combo kit before February 28, 2019 & get a colored canopy upgrade (A $40 dollar value FREE)
ORDER SOON - Call in to receive this offer - CALL NOW (904) 316-0532
Colors available: White, Kubota Orange, New Holland Blue, Red, John Deere Green (black standard)
*Limited time offer. While supplies last. Only with cab/canopy purchase.

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G3033 G3033H G3038
G3038H I3030 J2020H
J2023H J2025 J2025H
J2027H J2030H R3039
R3039H R4041 R4041H
R4047 R4047H XG3033
XG3033H XG3038 XG3038H
XR3032 XR3032H XR3037
XR3037H XR3135 XR3135H
XR4040 XR4040H XR4041
XR4041H XR4046 XR4046H
XR4047 XR4047H XR4140
XR4140H XR4145 XR4145H
XR4150 XR4150H XR4155
Cover My Tractor offers top quality tractor covers, cabs, and canopies. Our LS tractor covers are rich with features not found anywhere in the industry.
Photos throughout the website are for reference only the product you order can vary from product to product