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LS Tractor Aftermarket Cabs & Cab Enclosures

If you've invested in an LS Tractor and become accustomed to its use, you've no doubt been impressed by the exceptional quality that's gone into the making of your machine. The unsurpassed value of your LS Tractor can be both increased and extended through the addition of one of Cover My Tractor's LS Tractor aftermarket cabs. LS Compact Tractor cab enclosures protect your equipment from all types of weather and protect you, the operator, from the harsh elements encountered outdoors throughout the year.

As a top-rated manufacturer of premier soft-top cab enclosures for LS Tractors, Cover My Tractor has made a great name for itself through a high degree of excellence in customer satisfaction and the word-of-mouth advertising we receive for free from our numerous loyal clients. Once your custom-made soft-top enclosure has been installed, you'll likely wonder how you ever got along without it. Besides purchasing an enclosure to protect you and your tractor from the sun and rain, you can also accessorize by adding a specially designed ventilation fan for keeping cool in summer or a direct-hook-up ceramic heater for wintertime warmth.

Our soft-top enclosures are made to order and can be manufactured to fit any LS Tractor model you own. They're constructed using 18-ounce double-sided vinyl-coated fabric that's weatherproof as well as optically clear vinyl for the windshield and side windows.

Photos throughout the website are for reference only the product you order can vary from product to product