Summer Screen Cabs
Protects from the Suns HEAT and Allows Airflow.
Your best friend - whether you're a landscaper, in construction or just maintaining your land.
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Screen Out UV Rays
BLOCKS 80% of Harmful UV Rays.
Helps with outdoor occupational weather hazards found in industries such as road maintenance and forestry land management. Call Now (904) 316-0532

Don't like the taste of bugs? If you are maintaining a sports field, golf course or farming a crop - Screen Cabs offer protection from those summer time insects.
Order by Phone - Call Now (904) 316-0532

Summer Screen Cabs limit Fertilizer & Dust Intrusion
For construction workers, DOT road crews and farmers who need clear visibility to work, without the dust.
Order by Phone - Call Now (904) 316-0532

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Kubota Tractor Soft-Top Cabs & Cab Enclosures

A mainstay in the tractor and heavy-equipment manufacturing industry since the late 1800s, Japanese-owned Kubota makes every size and configuration of tractor out there, with more than 200 different models currently available. While some of these units come from the factory with cab enclosures installed in place, most are open-air models and are being used without providing protection for the operator. Cover My Tractor custom manufactures soft-top cab enclosures for Kubota Tractors that can be easily installed and will allow you to operate your equipment protected from sun, rain, snow and whatever harsh weather mother nature deals out to you. This includes all models from the compact B Series and larger Grand L Series tractors to the full lineup of Kubota Z Series zero-turn mowers.

The Kubota cab kits and accessories we offer are all made from the finest-quality materials out there, and we only build Kubota Tractor cab enclosures for customers who have ordered them from our factory. We don't have an inventory of already-made units but build each new enclosure made to order for your specific machine. And, although our cab enclosures will provide you with all the protection you'll find in one that was ordered from and installed at the factory, our units sell for a mere fraction of what you'd have to pay to buy an OEM enclosure.

Photos throughout the website are for reference only the product you order can vary from product to product