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Cover My Tractor: Quality Tractor Covers, Cabs, and Canopies


At we focus on details. Each product undergoes exhaustive studies to determine the right materials for the product application and the right solution to maintain user friendliness and ease of operation. Whichever application it is, tractor cab, tractor cover, tractor canopy, tractor sunscreen or cab enclosure, our team of dedicated craftsmen develop initial parameters for each design and then field test the products to make sure they meet each and every criteria. We have searched suppliers to find the best tractor accessories to add to our product line-up and will continue to maximize this offering as new products become available.
Our tractor cabs are rich with features and offer creature comforts no one else in the industry does. Our tractor cabs are truely able to be used all year long due to their unique copyrighted four way cross ventilation design.
Our Tractor Covers are designed to fit both with and without loader buckets so that however you configure your tractor the same cover fits. Have a rear implement on your tractor? No problem our unique design fits around it and still protects the tractor from the elements.
Both our tractor cabs and tractor covers come with a FREE storage bag and the one for the cover actually straps to the ROPS so it can be with you at all times whenever the need requires the tractor cover to be used. Our tractor covers, tractor cabs, tractor canopys, and cab enclosures are best defined by our 5 guiding principles:"
  1. Best-in-class materials
  2. Simplicity and functionality
  3. Visibility and ease of installation
  4. Designs meet or exceed reasonable customer expectations
  5. Maintain value priced products
CoverMyTractor builds high value TRACTOR COVERS, TRACTOR CANOPIES, TRACTOR CABS, TRACTOR ENCLOSURES, RTV COVERS, RTV ENCLOSURES, UTV COVERS, UTV ENCLOSURES, ATV ENCLOSURES, ATV COVERS, and CAB ENCLOSURES that meet industry standards and consumer satisfaction criteria. Our tractor covers and tractor cabs are supplied to many municipalities and contractors who have documented the advantages of our TRACTOR COVERS and realized lower repair costs and improved employee satisfaction.. They have proven to increase the life expectancy of their equipment and reduce their overall maintenance costs. This is also true with our Dealers who are using the TRACTOR SHIPPING COVERS as TRACTOR LOT COVERS to improve their out of pocket warranty expenses.

Tractor Sunscreen LED Dually Spot Light (single pack) over 1500 lumens
List Price: $59.99
Our Price: $49.99
Our Price: $109.00
Tractor Sunscreen and shade screen 3250 LED Dually SpotLight over 1500 lumens

Tractor Sunscreen and Shade Screen - made of 80% sunblock material with shock cord attachments in all four corners. Mounts around tubing of roll over protection system (ROPS)

Heavy duty surface mount LED single dually spot light

Tractor Cab Permanent Swivel Based Fan Silver John Deere Gator UTV Canopy - Black Bimini
Our Price: $34.99
List Price: $299.95
Our Price: $249.95
Sale Price: $219.95
Tractor Cab Electric Fan with 12VDC direct battery hook-up comes with all attaching hardware for your cab enclosure, UTV, RTV or ATV John Deere Tractor Fabric Canopy

Great looking "Heavy Duty Metal Fan" is perfect for cooling your tractor cab. Permanently mounts to your dash board or other convenient location. Fan offers high/low speeds and an adjustable swivel base so you can direct the air where it counts in your Tractor Cab or Cab Enclosure

John Deere Gator Bimini Black: (fits John Deere Gator models)
Our tractor Bimini will fit all Gator models except the PRO Series. Offers occupant shade and is made of durable polyesther fabric and aluminum tubing. The cleanable durable materials will give you many years of enjoyment.


John Deere Tractor Cabs and cab Enclosures

Our Price: $1,390.00
John Deere Tractor Cabs and Cab Enclsoures - fits  670
John Deere Tractor Cabs and Cab Enclosures: (fits John Deere models 670)
Our tractor cabs are the best-in-class for craftmanship, materials and unique features. We simplify all of our cab enclosures patterns to minimize the chance for errors. The cleanable durable materials will give you many years of enjoyment. The tractor cabs unique all season ventilation system and sliding side doors are firsts in the industry. INCLUDES MOUNTING BRACKETS, HARDWARE, VINYL CANOPY and TEMPLATE for Marking and cutting 3/4" PLYWOOD (customer supplied). The wood top mounted to the brackets acts as the support structure for the cab enclosure, no other frame work is necessary.

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Tractor Cab Ceramic Heater-12VDC direct hook-up
Sale Price: $49.99

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