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Mahindra Tractor Soft Cabs & Cab Enclosures

Though the layman may be unfamiliar with the Mahindra Tractor brand, this manufacturing company is the largest tractor producer in the world. While most of the Mahindra Tractors made are sold in India and China, a significant number are also found in the United States, which now boasts more than 500 dealers nationwide.

Although some of the Mahindra models are built with cabs that have been installed at the factory, most are sold without cabs. Here at Cover My Tractor, we custom manufacture Mahindra Tractor USA cab enclosures for more than 65 different models at a fraction of the cost of buying one manufactured and installed at the Mahindra factory. Our Mahindra mid and subcompact cabs, for example, cost only about one-third the price and yet provide all the protection you need and the good looks you want.

Our Mahindra utility tractor soft-top cabs are custom made to order for your specific piece of equipment. They have built-in, all-season ventilation, and our Mahindra cab kits and accessories come with all kinds of options so that you can outfit your cab enclosure just the way you want. This includes adding a ceramic heater or choosing a soft vinyl or hard polycarbonate windshield with a manual or electric wiper, lights, mirrors and more. These enclosures are made from the highest-quality materials with master craftsmanship.