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Tractor Cab Enclosure Quality Materials:

kubota cab enclosure

30 or 40 Gauge Opti-Clear Glass for Tractor Cabs or Cab Enclosures - Introduced in 1994, Opti-Clear is a premium flexible roll-up coated vinyl sheet engineered to resist the damaging effects from the sun’s rays, environmental fallout, and scratching from handling. It blocks out 100% of the spectrum of UV light. tractor cabs and cab enclosures using this glass have the best clarity and highest scratch resistance in the industry. It is said to perform better than hard glass options like plexiglass or Lexan in tractor cab applications.

Opti-Clear Scratch Resistance - Prevents fine line scratches from occurring during washing, drying, rolling up and down, and abrasion from straps used when rolling up the glass. Regular clear vinyl used in competitive tractor cabs or cab enclosures can scratch when a paper towel is used for cleaning. The foam or acid free paper included with the tractor enclosure storage bag should be used between each glass to help minimize scratching.

Opti-Clear Clarity - Our Opti-Clear product has near- perfect visual clarity. Regular vinyl’s have a blue or gray haziness to them which is instantly visible when comparing Opti-Clear to regular vinyl used by our competitors. Standard vinyls yellow over a very short period of time and can become brittle and crack or break. Opti-Clear remains supple and clear through years of rigorous use on your tractor cab.

Opti-Clear Resistance to Fallout - The coating on Opti-Clear blocks the elements of streaks caused by brass grommets or fabric color runoff seen in traditional regular vinyl. This is true with most trace elements even overspray can be carefully removed with lacquer thinner which would destroy regular vinyl glass. Use our tractor cab enclosure cleaning products to prolong the life of Opti-clear. 

Opti-Clear Longevity - Because you will see clearer longer, you will find you don’t need to replace the components as often. We are often asked “How long Opti-Clear will last?” and we can’t answer that since there are so many variables that can affect the answer but we have several yachts that have been in the Florida sun for 6 years and haven’t required any replacements.

Opti-Clear Environmental Advantage - The protective coating is uniquely resistant to today’s harsh environment. Industrial fallout from power plants, steel production, chemical manufacturing, paper products, plants, jet exhaust and acid rain are realities anywhere we live. Our coating prevents these elements from leaching into the vinyl. The results of leaching can be spotting, hazing, orange corners, and gray lines that show up in regular vinyl.

Opti-Clear Maintenance - We recommend IMAR PRODUCTS only to clean your glass and warranties will be voided if anything else is used.Simple Green and Pine cleaners will damage the glass. Make sure you do not use Rainex or Armorall they have a temporary positive result with long term detrimental effect. Give us a call if you cannot find the IMAR PRODUCTS and we can assist with this. You should use the IMAR Protective Polish every 1 – 2 months and can use the Protective Cleaner often to remove most everything.

Opti-Clear Cleaning - Flush thoroughly with water to rinse away environmental abrasives. Wash with IMAR Soap Concentrate, or other equally gentle and high quality soap. Do not use Simple Green, or pine or any other harsh chemical – they will dull the surface and impact clarity. Apply the soapy water to the clear vinyl section with a soft clean cotton cloth or chamois. Thoroughly rinse the glass and dry off with a quality chamois. After every cleaning apply IMAR Protective Polish sparingly with a small circular motion using a soft cotton cloth or chamois. Allow the polish to dry and remove with a clean soft cotton cloth buff to a sparkling shine. When using the IMAR Protective Cleaner between regular washings, make sure panels are free from all abrasive materials. Lightly mist a soft cloth and lightly and briskly rub a small sized area and then lightly buff dry when a different soft clean cotton cloth. You can use the IMAR Cleaner on a regular basis also as it is very easy to use and your tractor cabs will love the shine.

Opti-Clear Notes - All new vinyl products can easily get impressions in themselves from items that are left on them or from the movement of the chemicals inside the vinyl during production. We recommend that all new tractor cabs or cab enclosures be left in place for an extended period of time to allow for additional curing. If completely removed, tractor enclosures must be interleaved with either acid-free paper obtained from us or framing shops or foam that was included in the original packaging of the product. Please utilize the FREE tractor enclosure storage bag that the unit came in as it is the best way to maintain glass. Use the acid-free paper or foam to prevent “pooling” in the glass. Vinyl seasons over time and becomes less impressionable. Roll all components down overnight and completely fasten in place to keep the best appearance and visibility in your glass.

kubota rtv500 frt glass

Tungsten - Fabric for Tractor Cab Enclosures - Tungsten is reinforced with polyester yarns and is a durable 18 ounce vinyl used in tractor cabs and cab enclosures for over 20 years. The woven reinforcements are periodically suspended within the heavy vinyl to offer substantial protection from the elements. The product design allows for maximum tear strength with minimum weight and maintains a high level of dimensional stability when exposed to different temperature extremes. Tungsten resists tearing, stains, mildew, mold, fading and fire and cleans up easily with mild dish soap. This highly abrasion textile can be cut with standard scissors around added options when necessary and is ideal for the application since it has properties that make it strong against things like tree branches, rocks and other flying debris. Though you can puncture this product if you aren’t careful, it will resist tearing further and fabric can be easily repaired with a vinyl tape.

Tungsten - Maintenance and Cleaning - We recommend mild dish soaps to clean either the Armor-Dillo or the Tungsten fabrics. First rinse down with water to remove majority of dirt. Then with a soft cotton cloth and a mild dish soap solution, wash thoroughly using minimal pressure. A soft bristle brush may be used only to clean area where deeper dirt has penetrated. Use this method sparingly since the coating is diminished each time a brush is used and this will affect the longevity of the fabric. Avoid sealants as these block the pores of the fabric and cause detrimental effects over long periods of time. Do not use Simple Green or Pine cleaners ever on either fabric. Citrus Cleaner can be used on Tungsten for sap or other sticky outdoor elements that may at times drop onto your cover. Make sure the tractor cabs, tractor covers or cab enclosures are thoroughly dry before storage as packing either product wet will promote the possibility of bacteria or mold growth. Use the Tractor Cover Storage Bag and the Tractor Cab Enclosure Storage Bag and packing materials for ultimate protection when not in use.

Tungsten Notes - All new fabric products may at times crease during shipping. These creases will dissipate once the product is exposed to sun and work themselves out. We recommend that all new tractor cabs and cab enclosures be left in place for an extended period of time to allow for additional curing. If completely removed, tractor enclosures must be interleaved with either acid-free paper obtained from us or framing shops or foam that was included in the original packaging of the product. Please utilize the tractor enclosure storage bag that the unit came in as it is the best way to maintain glass and Tungsten materials. Tungsten seasons over time and becomes less impressionable. Roll all components down overnight and completely fasten in place to keep the best appearance in your tractor cab enclosure but specifically the glass.

Tractor Cabs and Cab Enclosures Zippers - Our #10 Delrin zippers are the best available in the industry and consistently perform the best in tractor cab and cab enclosure applications where parts have to be put together. U-Zips are unique and allow for as much ventilation as you desire front to back and with the sliding door option on the sewn in tracks, a driver can get full circulation even in warm climates. Adding a small heater and fan can enhance the temperature circulation and create a comfortable environment.

tractor cab enclosure zipper
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Tractor Cabs and Cab Enclosures Thread - 138 bonded and colored thread is used to give the maximum tear strength for all the sew joints. The tractor cab and cab enclosure is durable and comes with a 1 year warranty for craftmanship flaws.

cab enclosure thread joint
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Tractor Cabs and Cab Enclosures Elastic - Elastic straps with integral hooks are placed strategically throughout each tractor cab and cab enclosure design for optimum retention. We use high grade elastic products which are designed specifically for outdoor use. The elastic straps typically attach to the inside of the fender wells and around the hood. Additional bungees may be located in the rear that attach around the seat or in other strategic locations on a specific area that needs additional support.

tractor cab enclosure elastic attachment
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Tractor Cabs and Cab Enclosures Bend Over Tabs - The metal bend over tabs are located in accordance with each cab enclosures specific needs. They are located to easily mount the bottom of the tractor enclosure around the perimeter of the cab to allow for fastening which requires no holes to be drilled into the tractor. once bent the tabs maintain their position for easier reassembly which make up your tractor cabs.

cab enclosure bend over tabs
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Tractor Cabs and Cab Enclosures Grommets - A brass grommet is used in conjunction with the elastic straps and hooks. Simply thread the elastic end without the hook through the grommet and tie it into a tight knot at the length needed to get proper support. The other side is either to connect the hook into or for another strap that can be wrapped around somewhere on the body of the tractor creating a tight tractor cab.

cab enclosure grommet for elastic strap
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Tractor Cabs and Cab Enclosures Strapping - 1” polypropolene webbing is used wherever necessary as a tie down mechanism. Typically, one strap under the belly of the tractor is used. It is accompanied by a plastic buckle made from plastic specifically designed to work in outside environments. Thread the webbing through the buckle secure tightly and cut off excess webbing and burn cut edges with a lighter.

tractor cab enclosure webbing and strapping
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